#843 Robert Wyatt – Shleep

Another artist I have never heard of is English musician Robert Wyatt. He was highly praised for his seventh album Shleep from 1997. One of the genres on the album is ¬†Canterbury scene, which I have never heard of either. It is from the city of Canterbury in England. It is associated with¬†progressive rock. The […]

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#819 Fiona Apple – Tidal

Fiona Apple is someone I have never listened to before today. The women singers of the 90s were mostly irritating to me. I thought that Tori Amos was enough for me. It became a whole moment of angry women touring together. I am not sure why they were angry. I did not care. I was […]

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#763 Nas – Illmatic

Nas? What is a Nas? I hope it is not rap. Why does it sound like a rapper’s name or group? Oh crap! It is hardcore hip-hop. His debut album Illmatic was released in 1994. What I discovered is that he uses multisyllabic¬†internal rhymes. This is just another album filled with obscenities. If Nas had […]

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#177 Miles Davis – Bitches Brew

Miles Davis is back with Bitches Brew. Some of these artist are overly represented. This is Davis’ fourth album on the list. They have progressively gotten better, but I want to hear other artist. I think this book of 1001 Albums… should move people to check out new music and honour great artists over the […]

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1001 Albums #53

John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme is avant-garde jazz, free jazz, modal jazz and more jazz. It has been classified as one of the greatest albums ever recorded. Is it? Or were those critics taking drugs with The Beach Boys? I do not get it. I like some of the jazz, but some of it I […]

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