#1016 Joanna Newsom – Ys

Joanna Newsom released her second album Ys in 2006. The album has only five songs and it is almost an hour long. The album charted on the low end of Billboard 200, but it was on almost every critics year-end chart, except Rolling Stone magazine and Robert Christgau, who seems to hate everything good in […]

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#108 Traffic

Traffic is not a band I have heard, but its original members all had successful careers in music. After listening to the album I can see why they were not that successful as a band. I was erroneously listening to their first album, when I realised it I switched over to the self-titled album. I […]

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1001 Albums #76

Astrud Gilberto should be a familiar name if you have been reading this blog. She was married to João Gilberto and left him for their musical partner Stan Getz. I will be honest that I have zero interest in listening her sing Bossa Nova on her album Beach Samba. Even critics did not like the album, so I am not sure how it made it on 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. Yes, I hate this type of music. It would be great if you are wanting to get information […]

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1001 Albums #47

I’ve Got a Tiger by the Tail by Buck Owens is not something you could pay me to listen to, but since I am challenging myself with 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die I listened to it. I think I have a new album to hate. I might put it close to Joan […]

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1001 Albums #39

The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady from Charles Mingus is jazz. Avant-garde jazz! I will not mess around. I hated it so much. I wanted to run out of the house screaming murder. I felt like I was Janet Leigh in Psycho and Anthony Perkins was plunging me with his knife over and over […]

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1001 Albums #33

The Bossa Nova craze was fueled in the States in 1962 when the album Jazz Samba by Stan Getz and Charlie Byrd was released. Getz toured Brazil in 1961 and brought back the “new trend” or “new wave” of jazz and samba fusion. If you do not like samba, jazz, or the horns, then I […]

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1001 Albums #28

I will ask you the age old question. Which came first the headache or Jimmy Smith’s Back at the Chicken Shack? I think I should have eaten first so I did not get a headache at the same time as I listened to this album. Why did Jimmy Smith cross the road? To get Back at the Chicken Shack. I am not sure why he getting back at the Chicken Shack. What did the Chicken Shack ever do to […]

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1001 Albums #24

I am surprised Joan Baez is the first white female to make the list. I have never heard of her music, but I am not into folk music. I was excited for the 60s to arrive, but Baez’s self-titled album made me regret it. She is not horrible if you like female chipmunks singing. Or […]

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