#650 Kate Bush – The Sensual World

Kate Bush‘s The Sensual World album was released in 1989. She has been on this list two previous times. James Joyce‘s Ulysses was her inspiration for this album. Bulgarian vocal ensemble Trio Bulgarka are featured as backing vocals on a few song. Check out “Heads We’re Dancing”, “Love and Anger“, “Reaching Out“, “This Woman’s Work“, and maybe my […]

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#585 Peter Gabriel – So

Peter Gabriel‘s So is an album I have heard of, but I only know the couple of hit songs from it. This is Gabriel’s third and final album on the list. I thought his other ones were good, but not great.  I think I like the songs on this album better than when I heard […]

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#557 Kate Bush – Hounds of Love

Kate Bush released her fifth album Hounds of Love in 1985. It was her return to the spotlight after 1982’s poorly received The Dreaming. Bush self-produced the album. When I hear the name Kate Bush, I immediately think of the lyrics “make a deal with God”. “Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God)” is one […]

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#506 Kate Bush – The Dreaming

Kate Bush‘s The Dreaming is her fourth studio album. It received mixed reviews when it was released, but critics today rate it highly. It is considered her most uncommercial and experimental release. I have doubts from the beginning. She is one artist that I can hate and like. The first song gives me little hope of […]

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#459 Peter Gabriel – Peter Gabriel

Ex-Genesis’ member Peter Gabriel seems to be well represented on the list. This is Gabriel’s third solo album. He has a cast of talented musicians on this album, such as Kate Bush, Phil Collins, Robert Fripp, and Paul Weller.  Best songs are “Intruder“, “No Self Control“, and “Games Without Frontiers“. I have heard the latter before. It […]

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