#1029 Portishead – Third

Portishead release their third album Third in 2008. It was their first album in eleven years and their last one to date. The band took the music into a new direction of incorporating krautrock, surf rock, and doo wop. It was rated by many critics as the best album of 2008. I found it hard […]

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#432 Holger Czukay – Movies

Holger Czukay‘s Movies is his second album. He was known for being one of the co-founders of the German Krautrock band Can. This is one of the weirdest albums on the list. It is not one that I would listen to again. It is a bunch of randomness mixed with crappy African rhythms. This is […]

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#329 Neu! – Neu! ’75

Neu! ’75 is the third album from the German band Neu!. I have never heard their music until today. The album contains one side of ambient music and the second side is kosmische, Krautrock and proto-punk. The band has been named an inspiration to other artists, such as David Bowie. I think this is a […]

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#284 Faust – Faust IV

Original line-up of the German krautrock group Faust released their last album Faust IV in 1973. They are not well known in the USA. What is Krautrock? According to Wikipedia it “is a broad genre of experimental rock that developed in Germany in the late 1960s among bands drawing on diverse sources such as psychedelic […]

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#220 Can – Tago Mago

German experimental rock bands are not something you hear much about in the USA. Krautrock is not popular in the land of the free. It is a pity! Can is one of those bands I have never heard of and wished I had. I have been sitting here writing another blog post and doing some […]

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1001 Albums #65

The Monks first album Black Monk Time was the only album they recorded. The album was released in 1966 and they disbanded a year later. From the minute the first song “Monk Time” begins I am thinking is this from the 60s. The music sounds like it comes from a later time period. It reminds me of EinstĂĽrzende Neubauten a German band […]

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