My Life In Sounds

Day 62: Write songs that you want to be part of the soundtrack of your life.” I feel that I did that already in the last few days. Instead of writing about it, I will present it. The link below is to my Spotify list called My Life In Sounds. The songs are in somewhat […]

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#817 Eels – Beautiful Freak

I am definitely a fan of the Eels. The only consistent member of the Eels is Mark Oliver Everett also known as E. I think I relate to his music because of the lyrics which touches on every subject from death, loneliness, childhood innocence, depression, and unrequited love. I live in all those every day […]

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Life Alone

I have not written anything about my life in a long time so this is an update. I am alone in this world. I do not really have many friends. I had a best friend six years ago in Hungary, but he showed me that people cannot be trusted. These past six years have been […]

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  Winter knocks without invite enters, It is I who leaves the open door, it is I who anticipates his return, it is I who Loves his presence yet it is on his terms. Winter surveys decides it’s time to settle deciding where to settle d o w n he spreads himself across the land […]

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This is a very creative film. It is very short, so watch it. i dedicate it to all of us that are zeroes.

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Narrow and Void (Yellow Sparrow)

My life has played out as a prefabricated illusion It’s time for me to end my illegitimate intrusion Around me there is too much dissonant confusion You and i must not procrastinate our conclusion It’s time for you to sever our attachment this day But a world without you will be forever dull and grey […]

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