29 Years & 364 Days

Day 55: 29 – “Imagine it’s your last day of being 29. How do you think you would feel? Will you be excited about turning 30 or not?” “29 Years and 364 days. Today is a milestone for me.” said Katie. I cannot wait for work to end so we can par-tay! Chris shouted out […]

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24 Ghosts

Day 50: 24 – “At 24, what were you doing in your life? Or, if you’re not 24 yet, what are you planning to do or planning to be when you finally reach that age?” I really hate so many of the age prompts in this book. It seems that the writer was not extremely […]

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#629 American Music Club – California

American Music Club is not a band I have ever listened to before today. They were instrumental in slowcore genre. Slowcore is known for bleak lyrics, downbeat melodies, slower tempos and minimalist arrangements. Oh great, some more depressing music. California is their third album. This album is not on Spotify, which is ridiculous. The first song “Firefly” bordered […]

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