My Life In Sounds

Day 62: Write songs that you want to be part of the soundtrack of your life.” I feel that I did that already in the last few days. Instead of writing about it, I will present it. The link below is to my Spotify list called My Life In Sounds. The songs are in somewhat […]

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Summertime Sadness

Day 58: Listen to Lana del Rey’s “Summertime Sadness”. Then, pretend that you’re a music video director. Write about your music video plans for the said song.” I have never listened to Lana del Rey‘s music before. I thought she was an hispanic singer for some reason. I listened to the song, then watched the […]

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27 Minutes of the Robotboy

Day 53: 27 – “Write for exactly 27 minutes. No interruptions.” I don’t remember the day I arrived here. Nobody does. It seems that I have been here my whole life, but exactly how long that has been is anybody’s guess. Some humans think I may have been born here, but most people don’t believe […]

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5 Friends

Day 31: 5 – “Write about 5 friends whom you consider as your best or closest friends.” Why friends again? Scott Green, your book kind of sucks. It is so repetitive. I guess I will write about five friends that are close in proximity. I am not extremely close to a lot of people. I […]

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Two Songs

Day 28: 2 – Write about 2 songs that you love best.” Love is a strong word. I do not even use it for people. I find it difficult to say it. I used to say it a lot more, but it was always unrequited love. I laugh at people who love things, at least […]

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V is for Voice

Day 21: “V is for “Voice”. What’s something that you’ve always wanted to tell someone?” Shut the fuck up! I have this weird thing in my head that happens when people are talking to me that makes me want to scream that out to people. I am not sure why it happens, but it does. […]

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U is for Undeniable

Day 21: “U is for “Undeniable”. Have you ever felt love that was undeniable?” I have never actually had a relationship type love. I have felt love many times throughout my life, or at least what I thought was love. I have loved friends, perhaps too much. I have given myself to many of my […]

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Q is for Quick

Day 17: “Q is for “Quick.” What’s one thing that you want to do quickly?” Die! I do not want to have a long painful death. I feel I deserve to die quickly. I have lived much longer than I had planned. I thought I would be long dead by now. I definitely tried to […]

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L is for Love

Day 12: “L is for “Love”. What is love for you?” “What is love?Oh baby, don’t hurt meDon’t hurt meNo more” I should have known love would be next. The unanswered question. Everyone wonders what is love. Some of us find it in a bar at 3 p.m. Some of us find it at a […]

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I is for Invisible

Day 9: “I is for “Invisible.” Have you ever felt invisible?” I always feel invisible. As a child, I had to become invisible so I would not receive as much unwanted attention from my mother’s first husband. When people notice you, you are put into danger of their anger and violent tendencies. I am invisible […]

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