Favorite Music Video

Day 70: “What’s your favorite music video of all time?” Wow! I have so many videos to choose from. MTV was there for me as a kid. I saw some of the earliest videos on the channel. I saw video kill the radio star. I saw Michael Jackson make history as one of the first […]

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#926 Madonna – Music

Madonna‘s Music eight studio album is a surprise for me; I had not expected another album of hers to make it to the list. Sometimes, she is underrated for her music. I think her personality outshines her art. I realized that I have never listened to this album completely yet. I already knew before I listened […]

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#869 Madonna – Ray of Light

Madonna. I have already written about her in this list of 1001 Albums… She is one person that has pushed the envelope and people’s buttons throughout her career. She does not possess a filter. Before her seventh album was recorded she had her first child and embraced Kabbalah, studied Hinduism and Buddhism, and practiced Ashtanga […]

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#700 Sepultura – Arise

I have never heard the Brazilian band Sepultura. I am not a fan of thrash or death metal so I missed the release of their fourth album Arise. Actually, I missed the release of all their albums. I wonder if the name death metal comes from their concert in Brazil in 1991 where six people were […]

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#640 Madonna – Like a Prayer

Madonna. Nothing else needs to be written. She is one of four mega-stars of the 80s: Prince, George Michael, and Michael Jackson dominated the charts and MTV. Her name was already known around the world, but in 1989 her fourth studio album Like a Prayer dominated the the charts of many countries. It was #1 in at […]

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