1001 Albums #70

The Rolling Stones‘ Aftermath finds the boys experimenting with many different instruments such as the sitar and the Japanese koto. Actually, let us be honest, Brian Jones was experimenting and he was the genius of the band, but Mick Jagger and Keith Richards were the songwriters. Jones could play any instrument. Does the change work? I think the music Jones created is great. He introduced some instruments that were not known in the rock music. The problem I have with the album is the lyrics and Jagger’s shouting […]

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1001 Albums #46

The Rolling Stones cleverly titled their first album The Rolling Stones. They have been together since 1962. Almost all of the original members are still alive and touring. The Beatles were framed in history as the good guys in white and the Rolling Stones were the bad guys in black. I think that should only go for the music, but not […]

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