Favourite Singer

Day 73: “Who is your favorite singer?” The list is long. I have had so many favourite singers over the years. Some have been favourites for a short time and others have endured the many trials of fire that I have walked through. When i was younger and a bit angier than I am now […]

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Favorite Music Video

Day 70: “What’s your favorite music video of all time?” Wow! I have so many videos to choose from. MTV was there for me as a kid. I saw some of the earliest videos on the channel. I saw video kill the radio star. I saw Michael Jackson make history as one of the first […]

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#804 D’Angelo – Brown Sugar

I have never heard of R&B artist D’Angelo. I think I had moved away from R&B during this time period. Maybe there wasn’t any on the radio during 1995 when D’Angelo’s Brown Sugar came out. This album was part of the neo soul movement that spread across the USA and United Kingdom in the 90s. I […]

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#767 TLC – CrazySexyCool

If any entry into the 1001 Albums… surprised me the most it would be TLC and their second album CrazySexyCool. I actually liked a lot of the songs in 1994 when I first heard it, but I have not listened to since the 90s. I wonder if I will like them now.  Okay, I remember […]

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#497 Prince – 1999

Prince is one artist that I was a huge fan of in the 80s and 1999 was one of the greatest albums at the time. I bought the album when it came out. He was one of the most popular MTV artist of the 80s. The other ones were George Michael, Michael Jackson and Madonna; […]

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1001 Albums #14

Growing up in the 80s Prince was one of the magical three or four pop superstars. They ruled the airwaves and MTV. Prince was a musical genius and as androgynous as many other 80s singers. But there is one who is the precursor to Prince. Little Richard is as flamboyant as Prince, but not quite as […]

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