#785 Green Day – dookie

Green Day‘s dookie came out in 1994; it was their first major label album. Fans were angry. They had become sellouts. “Punks do not join major record labels.” They became one of the the most successful bands in the USA. I liked them from the first time I heard them, but I did not realise […]

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#770 Offspring – Smash

Of course I have heard of Offspring and their third album Smash, but I never actually heard the music. I had no idea that they were a punk band. The songs I liked the most were “Genocide” “Something to Believe In“, “Not the One“, and “What Happened to You?” One of the reviews from the […]

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#487 X – Wild Gift

X started as a punk band in 1977. They had a couple of minor hits in the 80s, but they did not hit it big. Wild Gift is their second album. My only thought throughout the album was “is this punk?”. It does not sound like punk to me, at least not enjoyable punk. I found […]

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#453 The Specials – Specials

The Specials debut album Specials was produced by Elvis Costello. The album is filled with Ska, reggae, 2 Tone, and elements of punk rock. I must admit that reggae is not a favourite genre of mine. I can only handle it in small doses. Hopefully, with a mixture of different styles of music it will […]

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#343 Patti Smith – Horses

Patti Smith‘s Horses is the only appearance of the female punker on the list. This is her debut album. I do know a song by her “Because the Night” which was co-written by Bruce Springsteen. It is on her third album Easter. This album, I have never heard any of the songs until today. Her […]

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