#899 Shack – H.M.S. Fable

Shack released their third album H.M.S. Fable in 1999 to mostly great critical reviews. They are still together as band, but their last album to date was in 2006. As the first song “Natalie’s Party” started I thought it was R.E.M., but it became apparent soon that it was not. Shack have a Britpop sound. Some […]

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#618 R.E.M. – Green

Finally, 1988 has an album Green and a band R.E.M., that I know and really liked on the list. I know that there are two songs that I really liked on this album, actually there are more, but two of them I remember because they were more played on radio. R.E.M. reminds me of Eric. […]

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#590 R.E.M. – Document

Document is R.E.M.‘s second album on the list. It is their first album which they co-produced. This was their first platinum album and it gave them their first hit single. They were moving into the spotlight. They remind of my best friend from the early 90s. He was a big fan of the band. Actually, I […]

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#518 R.E.M. – Murmur

R.E.M. is definitely a band I have heard of and listened to a lot. I was a big fan. Unfortunately, I never saw them in concert and since they disbanded I never will. I do not like seeing bands where the members are too old to sing anyway. If you are a singer and your voice has faded […]

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#381 Wire – Pink Flag

Wire is another English punk band to ride the first wave of punk rock. Unfortunately their debut album Pink Flag did not make them famous in the USA. This is real punk. These guys did not care if the song was a little more than a minute or less than a minute. They were an […]

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