Favorite Music Video

Day 70: “What’s your favorite music video of all time?” Wow! I have so many videos to choose from. MTV was there for me as a kid. I saw some of the earliest videos on the channel. I saw video kill the radio star. I saw Michael Jackson make history as one of the first […]

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#386 Suicide – Suicide

Suicide‘s debut album has inspired many others, such as Bruce Springsteen, but they are virtually unknown, at least to most people. I was too young to have discovered them on my own. When I was kid I had to rely on the radio for my music, which was mostly pop. Eventually, I would discover college […]

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1001 Albums #35

The Beatles is probably the most famous band in the world. But I have never heard one good song by them. I will say the only songs I have ever heard were on the radio or in a film. I am going to give them a proper open-minded and open-hearted listen. Their second album from […]

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1001 Albums #1

When I started looking at the book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die I realised that there are so many albums I have never heard of and so many albums that I have no interest in listening to at all. And I thought I have loved music all my life, but I have […]

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