It’s Britney!

Day 65: “Write about your favorite Britney Spears song. Or, if you don’t like Britney, write about one of her songs that you can tolerate the most.” I think I only know of one Britney Spears song or I can at least name one song. I had to spend time listening to some of her […]

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#1079 SZA – Ctrl

SZA released her debut album Ctrl in 2017. The album was supposed to be released in 2015, but SZA experienced some health issues. Eventually, the recorded company took away her hard drive and released it. The album was a critical and commercial success. I have not heard her music until today. All the songs carry […]

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#1078 Kelela – Take Me Apart

Another artist I have never heard of is Kelela, yet she released the critical acclaimed debut album Take Me Apart in 2018. Critics praised her for the innovative production, songwriting and vocals. My favourite songs are “Frontline”, “Take Me Apart”, “Enough”, and “Truth or Dare”. Overall, if you like electro-R&B, alternative R&B, and electronica music, […]

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#1062 FKA Twigs – LP1

Why does FKA Twigs name sound so familiar to me? LP1 is her debut album from 2014. I am sure I have not hear this album yet. I believe there is a big chance that I will like it. When R&B and electronic merge it can lead to some great music. The album was a […]

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#767 TLC – CrazySexyCool

If any entry into the 1001 Albums… surprised me the most it would be TLC and their second album CrazySexyCool. I actually liked a lot of the songs in 1994 when I first heard it, but I have not listened to since the 90s. I wonder if I will like them now.  Okay, I remember […]

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