One Year

i forgot to mention that i have had this blog over a year now. Thank you to all those that have followed my adventures, even to those that think my blog is boring and especially to my best friend. i will miss you until my last breath. You inspired me. A year of my life […]

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A Week In Debrecen

Debrecen is the second largest city in Hungary. i affectionately call it “a big village” because on any given day i could see a tractor riding down one of the streets, the same streets where a little old lady would carry a basket of baby chicks and the same streets that the one tram crossed […]

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    i have heard about geocaching for many years, but i thought it was only in the forest and i have a healthy fear of lions and tigers and bears and other wild creatures, so i never tried it. During my visit to Budapest i stayed with a couple i have known many years. […]

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London to Marlow

My friends have this secret garden behind the garages, which are behind the house. It is quite cool and a very pleasant place to have a meal, drink a tea or read a book. In a big city like London, it is nice to have a place to getaway for a little quiet time. After […]

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In Digoin On A Boat

i am back. i spent a week on a boat in Digoin, which is in the Bourgogne of France. As for the actual boat tour, i can recommend it, but only with some conditions. First off, i suggest going in the summer when the weather is better. It rained every day and the sun shined […]

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Perouges Encore

i went for my second visit to Perouges, with Tim and Carol, since i have lived in Lyon, France. It was even better than the first visit because this time i saw goats, really cute ones, and i saw a Frenchman shear sheep. There were some kids from a school on a field trip and […]

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