#473 UB40 – Signing Off

I have never heard UB40‘s first album Signing Off. I only know of their later songs, such as “Red Red Wine” and “Can’t Help Falling in Love”, which are remakes. They were the remake kings of the 80s. I have admitted that reggae is not my favourite genre, but it is not my least favourite […]

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#453 The Specials – Specials

The Specials debut album Specials was produced by Elvis Costello. The album is filled with Ska, reggae, 2 Tone, and elements of punk rock. I must admit that reggae is not a favourite genre of mine. I can only handle it in small doses. Hopefully, with a mixture of different styles of music it will […]

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#366 Peter Tosh – Legalize It

Peter Tosh‘s Legalize It seems almost pointless since Bob Marley is listed for his reggae music prior to 1976. Besides having reggae music in common, they both want to smoke marijuana a lot. Tosh wants it to be legalised. His wish came true in parts of the USA. He was murdered during a home invasion in 1987. […]

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