#384 Fleetwood Mac – Rumours

Fleetwood Mac taught Americans how to spell Rumours. They taught us that sometimes people survive the drugs and make extraordinary art in the process. No, do not believe you are in the small percentage that can do drugs and survive. So many of the bands I have read about have had members die from drugs, some young and some of […]

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1001 Albums #48

Live at the Star Club, Hamburg from Jerry Lee Lewis is what you expect of him. He is a Rock and Roller. Yes, he is still alive. I have heard of him, but I thought he died 100 years ago. I guess all the wives and rock life has petrified him like Keith Richards. What […]

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Bohemian Rhapsody

I can official start my hunt for the best film of the year. I can tell you now from the beginning that I watch films to escape and to feel something other than the crappy way I feel every day. If Bohemian Rhapsody is not nominated for the Oscar for 2018, then I will never watch […]

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1001 Albums #5

Fats Domino (Yes, he called himself Fats, but today he could not get away with that name. It would hurt the feelings of all the fat people) is someone I have heard of and someone I have heard a few songs from, but I would not consider myself a fan at all. I appreciate what […]

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