#803 Leftfield – Leftism

Leftfield‘s Leftism was their 1995 debut album. It was the only album from them that I bought. I love the beat on the first song “Release the Pressure“, which features reggae singer Earl Sixteen. I am not fond of his vocals, but the music is fire. I actually hated the vocals on the second song […]

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#200 The Stooges – Fun House

The Stooges have returned with Fun House. It is their second album in their discography and second one to make the list of 1001 Albums… The first album was a 10. Can they achieve it again? I wonder how I had never listened to The Stooges until I decided to write about the 1001 Albums… […]

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1001 Albums #87

The Velvet Underground & Nico from The Velvet Underground is out of order in the book of 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. The problem is that the book is wrong on the order of some of the albums. I think I will make more changes with the next post. The Velvet Underground has risen from an underappreciated band that was briefly managed by artist Andy Warhol to one that […]

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