O is for Over

Day 15: “O is for “Over”. What part of your life do you consider to really be “over”?” Over? Life? Two words most people do not like to hear. I wonder about a lot of things being over, but I am not dead so nothing is really over. I usually live like my life is […]

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N is for Night

Day 14: “N is for “Night”. What do you love to do during night time?” I cannot get to sleep at a decent hour most nights. I am a bit of a night bird. I believe one of the reasons that I cannot sleep is that I think there are things happening in the world […]

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M is for Memory

Day 13: “M is for “Memory”. Write about your most painful memory, or something that you really do not want to look back on.” I wish I could say this was hard to do because I don’t have any painful memories, but I have so many that the hardest part is choosing one memory. My […]

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L is for Love

Day 12: “L is for “Love”. What is love for you?” “What is love?Oh baby, don’t hurt meDon’t hurt meNo more” I should have known love would be next. The unanswered question. Everyone wonders what is love. Some of us find it in a bar at 3 p.m. Some of us find it at a […]

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K is for Kindness

Day 11: “K is for “Kindness“. Do you feel like people still have a sense of kindness these days?” Wow! This one is difficult to see at times. The news likes to report everything that is terrible so it seems like people are horrible. I find more kindness in everyday life from strangers. As Blanche […]

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J is for Joyous

Day 10: “J is for “Joyous“. When was the last time you ever felt joyous?” I feel that this one is too similar to excitement. I know that it is different, but I have trouble with words that mean happy things or exciting things or joyous things. Give me words of depression, sadness, death, loss, […]

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I is for Invisible

Day 9: “I is for “Invisible.” Have you ever felt invisible?” I always feel invisible. As a child, I had to become invisible so I would not receive as much unwanted attention from my mother’s first husband. When people notice you, you are put into danger of their anger and violent tendencies. I am invisible […]

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H is for Help

Day 8: “H is for “Help“. When was the last time when you felt like asking for help but you weren’t able to ask for it?” That happens often. I do not make enough money to get by month to month because I have some debts. I think I will be out of food some […]

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F is for Friendship

Day 6: “F is for “Friendship“. What makes a friendship tick?” If there was a topic that I wanted to avoid today it would be friendship. I don’t ship it. There are so many things that can wrong in a friendship, as with any relationship it takes two people with two different perspectives of seeing […]

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B is for Beautiful

Day 2: “B is for “Beautiful”. What do you consider “beautiful?” Write about it.” Beautiful. I find so many things beautiful in the broken world. The face of a man and woman. The laughter of a five year old which comes for no apparent reason. The sky in the morning and the evening. although I rarely […]

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