Favourite Singer

Day 73: “Who is your favorite singer?” The list is long. I have had so many favourite singers over the years. Some have been favourites for a short time and others have endured the many trials of fire that I have walked through. When i was younger and a bit angier than I am now […]

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#733 PJ Harvey – Dry

Honestly, I have never heard anything from English musician and singer-songwriter PJ Harvey. That being said, it makes me wonder if it will be another artist that I wish I could skip. I have not really found any treasures in the 90s that make me want to rethink my whole life. I wonder how it […]

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1001 Albums #24

I am surprised Joan Baez is the first white female to make the list. I have never heard of her music, but I am not into folk music. I was excited for the 60s to arrive, but Baez’s self-titled album made me regret it. She is not horrible if you like female chipmunks singing. Or […]

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