Summertime Sadness

Day 58: Listen to Lana del Rey’s “Summertime Sadness”. Then, pretend that you’re a music video director. Write about your music video plans for the said song.” I have never listened to Lana del Rey‘s music before. I thought she was an hispanic singer for some reason. I listened to the song, then watched the […]

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Sweet 16?

Day 42: 16 – “What were you like when you were 16?” I remember being 16 vaguely. Many things from that time of my life are blurred into drug nights and suicidal thoughts. I didn’t know much about the world when I was 16. I had lost my grandmother the year before so I was […]

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T is for Trouble

Day 20: “T is for “Trouble”. When was the last time that you got into trouble?” Oh wow! A girl in trouble is a temporary thing. Is the first thing I think of when I hear the word trouble. I cannot think of the last time I got in trouble. If it is difficulty kind […]

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D is for Death

Day 4: “D is for “Death“. Write about your feelings about death.” Death! I have lived there my whole life. I almost died at birth because I was a blue baby. I stayed that way. Blue. My youngest memory is wishing I was dead or had never been born. I wear it like a chain […]

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#468 Joy Division – Closer

Joy Division‘s Closer was released two months after the death of lead singer Ian Curtis. This album is the bridge from their debut to New Order‘s debut album. The remaining members formed New Order after Curtis’s suicide. My favourite songs are all of them. I would listen to the whole album. There is no filler […]

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#430 Germs – (GI)

The Germs‘ one and only album (GI) is one that was unknown to me. I was surprised to learn that Joan Jett had produced and mixed the album. In a couple years she would become famous with the Blackhearts for their song “I Love Rock ‘n Roll” and many others. I think the reason the Germs […]

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