#1063 Taylor Swift – 1989

Taylor Swift is definitely in the list of overrated singers. I never heard of her until 2012. I heard the song “State of Grace” once and i liked it, but that was the only songs from Swift that I liked until 2014 when she released 1989 her fifth studio album. She went full pop tart […]

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#744 Pet Shop Boys – Very

I was a fan of Pet Shop Boys‘ earlier music, but dare I say they became too gay for me. I think Very was the last album I bought of theirs. I have not heard much from them since this album. I was a fan of synth-pop and techno, which I felt other bands, such […]

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#489 The Human League – Dare

The Human League‘s Dare is an album of theirs that I have not listened to before today. I have listened to their later albums and I really liked the band before they changed their sound too much in 1986 on the album Crash. I liked it okay, but it was no longer The Human League […]

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