#217 John Lennon – Imagine

I do not like John Lennon. I think he was an egotistical idiot. I do not like people who want to get rid of other people’s beliefs to fit their beliefs. Lennon was my least favourite Beatle. He reminds me of someone I hated in my lifetime. I am not excited to listen to his […]

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#144 The Beatles – Abbey Road

The Beatles are back again. This time with the last album that they recorded together as a band. They would break up the following year. The album cover for Abbey Road is famous because it spawned a theory that Paul McCartney had died and the guy in the photo is an imposter. The first song […]

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#134 The Beatles

The Beatles ninth album is self-titled, but it became known as The White Album. It was riddled with turmoil and Yoko Ono-ism. John Lennon had started dating her and she already had influence over him. He must have been a weak man. The album explodes with a Paul McCartney tune “Back in the U.S.S.R.“. This song […]

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1001 Albums #86

Headquarters was the third album from The Monkees. It was the one they took back their control. If you remember the 80s, Janet Jackson was not the first to want “Control“. I did not know much about The Monkees so I read about them. They are really interesting. They were not a real band, but […]

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1001 Albums #79

Psychedelic music tend to be a hit or miss with me. Electric Music for the Mind and Body is Country Joe and the Fish‘s debut album, which sort of hits and misses. I was afraid when I saw the band’s name Country Joe and the Fish. I really hate country music. The only thing worse […]

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1001 Albums #78

The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band is not an album I was looking forward to listening to even though the previous album Revolver showed some potential. Hopefully, the trend of featuring one of the members on a song continues. I hated their voices as one on the previous albums. The title of the album is great. It sounds depressing. I have heard the first song “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” […]

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