#1052 Adele – 21

Adele! Who hasn’t heard of her? I mean really who? I remember her second album 21 so clearly. I was living in Budapest and everything was going good for me. I may have been stressed financially, but I had friends, food, and a flat. What made this album different is that other artists were singing […]

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#500 The Cure – Pornography

Finally! I am at the midway point of the list. The Cure‘s Pornography is another album that I should have listened to by now. I have been a huge fan for many years and I saw them in concert. It is bizarre that I never heard this album until today. This is their fourth studio album of […]

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#381 Wire – Pink Flag

Wire is another English punk band to ride the first wave of punk rock. Unfortunately their debut album Pink Flag did not make them famous in the USA. This is real punk. These guys did not care if the song was a little more than a minute or less than a minute. They were an […]

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