#219 The Doors – L.A. Woman

The Doors‘ make a final appearance with L.A. Woman. Jim Morrison died after the album was released. I do not recognise any of the song titles, but I was never a fan of The Doors before doing this challenge of 1001 Albums…. I will not say this album is mediocre because it is not, but […]

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#181 The Doors – Morrison Hotel

Morrison Hotel is the second album from The Doors on the list, but their fifth album in their discography. I am surprised that they only have two albums since they were so popular. There were some things that worked against them during this time. The previous album The Soft Parade was a step into more popular music, which the […]

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#93 The Doors

The only things I knew about The Doors were that Jim Morrison died in Paris at a young age, he is buried there, the band had the overly long hit “Light My Fire” and Morrison was some type of sex symbol. This is the first time I will listen to their eponymous debut album. I […]

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