#735 Paul Weller – Wild Wood

Paul Weller has been is a few bands that had some success. His first one was The Jam, which had two albums on this list. His second band The Style Council has one album listed in the 1001 Albums… Weller has been influential in music since the 70s. Wild Wood is his second solo effort and […]

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#471 The Jam – Sound Affects

The Jam are back with another album Sound Affects. It was influenced by Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall and the Beatles’ Revolver album. My favourite songs are “That’s Entertainment“, “Man in the Corner Shop“, and “Scrape Away”. I listened to their final album The Gift because it has the hit song “A Town Called Malice”. I […]

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#402 The Jam – All Mod Cons

The Jam is a band that I have heard of, but I have not heard their music. I know of their singer-songwriter Paul Weller from 80s band The Style Council. I have never heard their album All Mod Cons. The summation of The Jam from Weller is correct. “The Jam are The Jam and they play Jam […]

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