Happy 18

Day 44: 18 – “Write a list of 18 things that make you happy.” Once again I moved a prompt in the book because it did not make sense to ask me about being 17, then ask me about being 18. Spending one on one time with a friend. I have not had that since […]

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Friday the 13th

Day 39: 13 – “Do you believe that Friday the 13th is unlucky?” Heck no! What a fool believes in, is amazing to me. I find it amazing that people believe silly superstitions. I am not even a little stitious. If bad luck or silly superstitions were a real thing, then I would have been […]

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Series: Never Have I Ever

I am going to start writing what I think and feel when I watch a series or a film. I am tired of just writing about 1001 Albums. I am by no means a critic writer. These will be my point of view. I know Netflix‘s Never Have I Ever was classified as a comedy, but […]

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Life Lessons From Dr. Who

i must admit that i was skeptical about watching Dr. Who at first, but once i started i could not stop. It was not until the fifth season that i realised the reason i love The Doctor. The Doctor is me. i am a human version of The Doctor, although some people think i am […]

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