Favourite Band

Day 74: “Who is your favorite band?” Another list which would take me forever to write. There are so many great bands from the past to the present. I believe most of the singers I selected on the last post were in bands. My favourite band as a kid was The Police, The Cars, The […]

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R is for Red

Day 18: “R is for “Red”. Write about the color Red.” Read is the colour for whores. At least in my head that is true. Hold on, I have proof. “RoxanneYou don’t have to put on the red lightThose days are overYou don’t have to sell your body to the nightRoxanneYou don’t have to wear […]

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#529 The Police – Synchronicity

The Police‘s Synchronicity was one of my favourite albums of 1983, but unfortunately it was their last album together. I was heartbroken. There were a few bands/artists I was a huge fan of around this time: The Cars, Blondie, Journey, Michael Jackson, Prince, Stevie Nicks and of course The Police. I think The Police was […]

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