#212 The Who – Who’s Next

Who’s Next is the fourth album on the list from The Who. That is three too many, well maybe two too many. I did give one of their albums 7/10. The album cover is strange since they pissed on the building. Supposedly, Pete Townshend was the only one to actually do it. I must admit “Baba O’Riley” […]

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#145 The Who – Tommy

The Who is not a band I am looking forward to listening to again.  Before I listen to the album Tommy I will say that Pete Townshend is the talented member of the band. He wrote almost the whole rock opera that tells the story about a “deaf, dumb and blind” boy. Like The Beatles, The […]

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#90 The Who – The Who Sell Out

Another Who album. I hope The Who Sell Out is better than the mediocre My Generation. This album is unique because it seems like satirical concept album to me. Many of the songs are interspersed with fake commercials. I am not a huge fan of Roger Daltrey’s voice. For a song to work you must at least like the vocals of the artist. It is […]

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1001 Albums #59

The Who’s My Generation is one of the most overrated albums ever. My prior knowledge of The Who is from CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, an American television series. Their opening song is “Who Are You“. I had a hard time listening to this album. I thought they were trying to sound like different bands. In one song, I thought it was The Rolling […]

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