#780 Jeff Buckley – Grace

Jeff Buckley‘s debut album Grace was the only album he released before his death. At the time it was released it was not successful and the critics were mixed on it. Now, it is considered one of the greatest albums of all time. Unfortunately, Buckley never knew that. I have never listened to it. Trivia: […]

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#161 Tim Buckley – Happy Sad

Tim Buckley is back with this third album Happy Sad. This album is more experimental than his previous albums. As with Bob Dylan, Buckley suffered a bit because of his changes in musical direction. He lost some of his folk fans. Those people are so prejudice. Darn hippies are supposed to be accepting of others. Isn’t […]

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#88 Tim Buckley – Goodbye and Hello

I have decided to change the way I title the blog posts for 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. From this post onward I will have the number of the album in the book, the artist and the album title. Actually, the book has albums out of order, but I tried to change a few of them. It was a headache! I will return to the book’s order soon. And finally, I […]

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