Inspirational Song

Day 75: ‘What song inspires you the most?” This is a subjective question. What do you mean by inspires me? Inspires to do something good? Inspires me to do something dangerous? Or inspires me to make a life decision? I guess I should choose one. One of the most inspirational song for me, especially later […]

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10 Favourite Albums

Day 36: 10 – “Write about your top 10 favourite albums of all time.” I thought I had escaped writing about music for a season. I just finished listening to 1080 over the past two years. Actually, I was complaining during the two years that some of my favourite albums were not even on the […]

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#702 U2 – Achtung Baby

Achtung Baby is U2‘s seventh studio album. I believe this was their truly last spectacular album. The albums that followed it are not fully realised or totally gone astray as with Pop. I have not even listened to their last two albums, but I eventually will. I have become a bit disappointed in their lack […]

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#609 U2 – The Joshua Tree

U2‘s The Joshua Tree made them superstars around the world. In my eyes, they were already one of the best bands ever. I am surprised and sad that their album The Unforgettable Fire is not on this retarded list of 1001 Albums… How can you excluded one of the best albums ever? Yes, I know this album […]

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#528 U2 – War

U2 finally made it on the list of 1001 Albums… I must ask a question first. “How the hell is War on the list and Boy is not?” Boy is equally as incredible as War. I listened to Boy more than War when I was growing up. The editor of 1001 Albums… is an idiot. I was […]

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#252 Lou Reed – Transformer

Lou Reed‘s Transformer has one of his most popular or famous songs “Walk On The Wild Side“. I believe most people, especially over 40 plus years have heard of it. Reed has retained his unique style and dived more into the weirdness by having David Bowie as one of the producers. I have only heard […]

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1001 Albums #87

The Velvet Underground & Nico from The Velvet Underground is out of order in the book of 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. The problem is that the book is wrong on the order of some of the albums. I think I will make more changes with the next post. The Velvet Underground has risen from an underappreciated band that was briefly managed by artist Andy Warhol to one that […]

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