an ocean roars

Day 76: “Pretend that you’re a singer or you’re part of a band. What do you want to call your first album?” That is really an easy one because I would call it the same as my blog an ocean roars. I would use small letters. It represents me using my voice to speak my […]

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V is for Voice

Day 21: “V is for “Voice”. What’s something that you’ve always wanted to tell someone?” Shut the fuck up! I have this weird thing in my head that happens when people are talking to me that makes me want to scream that out to people. I am not sure why it happens, but it does. […]

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1001 Albums #16

I think I do not like the beginning of rock and roll. It was too simplistic for me. At first I thought I do not like old music, but I realised from listening to Billie Holiday and remembering that I love classical music that is not the case. I actually prefer Holiday’s 50s voice over […]

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