#522 Hanoi Rocks – Back to Mystery City

Hanoi Rocks was a Finnish rock band and Back to Mystery City was their fourth album. This album is not on Spotify so I had to search for it on YouTube. I do not have confidence that I will like this because Axl Rose does. Vince Neil of Mötley Crüe has a connection to this band. He accidentally killed their drummer Razzle. According to some artist, Hanoi Rocks brought the glam rock look back into style and everyone started wearing leader singer Michael Monroe‘s style.

After listening to the album I thought meh. I do not get it. It seems kind of bland to me. I actually listened to Mötley Crüe when I was a teenager and I liked a few of their earlier song much better than this album. Monroe is still around trying different bands, but nothing has really stuck. He is 57 years old, but he looks like he could be Goldie Hawn in drag. I do not think the music is bad, but the singing seems kind of mediocre. I hated some of the lyrics. 5/10.

2 thoughts on “#522 Hanoi Rocks – Back to Mystery City

  1. Your review is pointless because you obviously do not have an ear for music. Hanoi were a group of very talented musicians who had a raw edge and a romantic teenage street vibrato. Ask any famous rocker from the 80’s and they will tell you, Hanoi were the real deal, who never made fame, but were a critic and fan favorite. They influence most young rockers. Not since the NY Dolls had their been a band who influenced a generation of rockers with hair, lipstick, killer riffs and hooks.

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