#578 Paul Simon – Graceland

1986 is possibly one of the worst years of music. I have hated almost every album on the list of 1001 Albums… And to add to it, Paul Simon‘s Graceland album was released in 1986. I liked him a little bit when he was with Garfunkel, but most of his solo stuff is irritating. I think I hate his talk sing style. And I really hate Afrikan music.

I will never understand how “You Can Call Me Al” became popular. It is the stupidest song ever. If I had to choice a song, then it would be “The Boy in the Bubble“. I think I am in a bubble and I cannot get out of it. I feel trapped. I do not like it enough to add it to my list of best songs.

After listening to the album, I still feel the same way about Simon and his music. This album was so boring for me. I could not wait for it to end. 3/10.

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