#687 Crowded House – Woodface

Crowded House released their third album Woodface in 1991. I am surprised that their eponymous debut album missed the list; it has their biggest international hit “Don’t Dream It’s Over” on it. I was an instant fan of Crowded House because it is contained two former members, Neil Finn and Paul Hester, of Split Enz, a New Zealand band I liked a lot. Finn’s brother Tim Finn also from Split Enz join on this album, but he did not last long in the band.

I think the album is great, but it was not as catchy as their debut album. It lacked that big song that needs to be heard. I think my favourite songs are “Fall at Your Feet“, “Four Seasons in One Day“, “She Goes On”, “Italian Plastic”, “It’s Only Natural“, and “Four Seasons in One Day“.

Overall, I think the album is one that deserves to be listened to a few times to make a decision about it. I still wish Split Enz was on the list. They were incredible too. 8/10.

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