1001 Albums #81

Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band’s album assured many people that milk is safe to drink when they titled their album Safe as Milk. He should have tried “Got Milk” because it was more successful. Captain Beefheart was the only constant in the band. He would change up the members when the magic ran out. It must have been often.

I think I am tired of these type of albums that I see as pointless in the 1001 Albums… list. It is another blues and psychedelic band that tries to cross genres, but I think they do not do it as successful as some of the previous artists I have listened to so far. I think the vocals are the biggest turn off for me. His vocals are so rough that find it almost painful to listen to at times.

I almost thought one song “I’m Glad” was going to be great. It had a sort of Motown feeling, but his vocals ruined it for me. I decided to look online to see if anyone covered it and I found The Black Keys had done so live. It was better.

I do not recommend this album unless you like the blues and psychedelic music mixed together with rough vocals. It was painful. 2/10.

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