#127 The Band – Music from Big Pink

Music from Big Pink is from The Band. Who is The Band? They were Bob Dylan’s touring band in 1965 and for his world tour in 1966. Dylan supported them as a band and even collaborated with them during their time together.

The album cover is part of Bob Dylan’s contribution to The Band. He painted it. He wrote one song and co-wrote two others. I can hear his influence on the album. This is considered by many to be the first foray into Americana and I can believe it if I think of what has been on this list and if I think about present day Americana artist such as The Civil Wars, Ryan Adams and Chris Stapleton’s From A Room: Volume 2. I only added Stapleton for someone who loves his music.

I Shall Be Released” is the song that was written by Bob Dylan. He has recorded two versions of it and both are far better than the one by The Band. I did not like the vocals. You can find Dylan’s version on Spotify.

Unfortunately, this album did not grab me at all. It is not a horrible album. Eric Clapton was moved to disband Cream after listening to it. He wanted to make a new sound. But as for me, I would not listen to it again. 5/10.

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