#218 The Beach Boys – Surf’s Up

Surf’s Up is one of those albums where I find it hard to decide if I like it or dislike it. The Beach Boys are back once more with their 17th album. Their popularity has fallen drastically, even with their previous album Sunflower receiving critical acclaim it died in the charts. I listened to Surf’s Up several times and I think it good, but something about it seems different.

I decided to listen to Sunflower first to see what is different. It is different. I think it is catchier to listener, at least it was for me. I would not think it was from The Beach Boys, especially the first song “Slip On Through“. I think this album is better and should have been included on the list more than Surf’s Up. “All I Wanna Do” is the best song. It is considered the proto-shoegaze and early example of chillwave.

As for Surf’s Up, it is a decent album, but not as accessible as their previous albums. It has quite a few songs that are good. I think the best songs are “Don’t Go Near the Water” and “’Til I Die“.

This album is worth listening to so you can decide on your own if you like it. It is weird for me because I have listened to so many times and I still cannot decide how I feel about it. Maybe ambivalent is the feeling. I live in the land of Ambivalence. I will rate it for now, but I reserve the right to change it later. 7/10.

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