#249 & #250 Deep Purple – Machine Head & Made In Japan

Heavy metal music developers Deep Purple had two albums on the list for the year of 1072. I moved them together to be reviewed. Machine Head is their sixth studio album and Made In Japan is a live album.

This is not an album I would listen to again. I think I was burnt out by Deep Purple, especially after listening to the live album below. They are talented and help forge a new genre of music, but that is it for me. I am not impressed by the vocals. The only decent song is “Space Truckin‘”. 5/10.


Made in Japan: It is freaking live album. It is not horrendous. Heavy metal sounds better on live albums than pop. I just hate people clapping. I hate the clap. If you like live albums and Deep Purple or heavy metal, then give it a go. I was not irritated by it as much as previous albums. They are talented musicians, but the album goes on and on and on…forever…It was a mistake to listen to this album and the previous one together. The longer it played the more I hated it. 4/10.

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