#283 Roxy Music – For Your Pleasure

Roxy Music‘s second album on the list is For Your Pleasure. It is Brian Eno‘s last album with the band. He will have a bright future as a solo artist and as a collaborator with other artists. Bryan Ferry wrote this album.

Unfortunately, I do think any one song stuck out for me. I will probably listen to it again. If I had heard this when I was younger, then I woulds have been a fan, but sometimes it is hard to go back to something like this album and fully embrace it.

I think it is great musically and I like Ferry’s voice. Maybe the album is too far ahead of it time. I think this album sounds more 80s than 70s. I did not know this type of music existed in the 70s. As a whole the album is great, but if you dissect it the individual songs are not strong enough alone. 8/10.

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