#388 Peter Gabriel – Peter Gabriel 1

Peter Gabriel 1 is the title often given to Peter Gabriel‘s first album because he titled the first four albums Peter Gabriel. Gabriel thought the album was over produced and I agree with him. His vocals are hard to hear at times because the music is overpowering it. This was his first album after leaving Genesis.

I know one song on the album, “Solsbury Hill“, but I know the Erasure cover. It was one of my favourite songs from Erasure, at least I had thought it was their songs until I was corrected one day. I like both versions, but I prefer their version. They give it a different colour.

This album seems all over the place, especially vocally. At times, Gabriel sounds like Randy Newman. Check out the song “Excuse Me”.

Other songs to listen to are “Moribund the Burgermeister“, “Slowburn”, and “Here Comes the Flood

I think this is a good start to a solo career, but not a great one. It is an uneven album to me. Gabriel probably had too many ideas he wanted to share after leaving Genesis. He should have worked harder on the execution. I am not a fan of all the Randy Newman sound alike songs. 7/10.

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