#405 Big Star – Third/Sister Lovers

Big Star’s third album took a long time to be released. Third/Sister Lovers was the official title given to it after it spent years in production hell. It has become a cult classic. Band member Chris Bell died at the age of 27. He is in the “27 Club”. I could relate to his story that I read on Wikipedia. I think he struggled with depressed and was search help in religion, but I doubt he found it.

I read this is power pop, but I think this is some of the first emo. It is a bit depressing. It is hard to decide which version of the album is the correct version so I listened to all the songs. I think in the end I listened to the one that band liked better. Almost all the songs are catchy when they are upbeat, but catchier when they are depressing as most of the songs seem to be. I would listen to it two or three times before deciding. Some of these songs such as “Dream Lover” could have been recorded in the present day. Timeless. 10/10.

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