#636 Faith No More – The Real Thing

Faith No More is the first band in the list with an album in 1989. I really hope 1989 is better than 1988. It was a terrible year for albums. I actually remember them, but I do not think I owned their third album The Real Thing. I think I was not a big fan, except for their one hit. This is the case where two bands or artist are the same or similar and one will become big and the other will fade away. In 1989, Red Hot Chili Peppers‘ released Mother’s Milk, but Faith No More is on the list. That will change because the RHCP will become much bigger and they have two albums on the list. The two bands toured together on their previous album tour run.

Epic” sounds like a ripoff of RHCP. I really liked the song back in 1989.

I definitely prefer RHCP over Faith No More. I felt RHCP albums were overall better. This albums has some really low points. It is not a terrible album at all. I did like a couple other songs, such as “Zombie Eaters” and “The Real Thing”, but I felt they were too long. I do not hate long songs when they make sense. I think dance songs should be long, but a rock does not need to be over 4 minutes. 6/10.

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