#639 New Order – Technique

Technique is New Order’s fifth studio album. It is regarded as one of their best and probably their last great album according to critics. I am not sure if I owned this album. I think Brotherhood was the last one that I bought. That may have been a mistake.

After listening, I am surprised that I skipped this album. It is great except for “Guilty Partner“. It was my least favourite song and it was not that bad.

The best songs are “Round & Round“, “Fine Time“, “All the Way“, “Love Less” and all the rest.

This is an amazing album. I think it lacks that one incredible song that you must hear over and over like “Bizarre Love Triangle“. The closet it gets to that is “Round & Round“. The album deserves to be on the list. Musically, the band is at their best and they have come a long way to separate themselves from Joy Division. This is an album to dance to, especially when you are sad. 10/10.

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