#728 Ice Cube – The Predator

Ice Cube? Really? I can honestly say that I know I will hate The Predator. It is his third studio album. I will suffer through it.

First song and I am already dying. It is so cheesy.

The music is not horrible, but the lyrics are ridiculous. I think it is ironic that black people do not want white people to say nigger, but they sing it in all their songs. Personally, I do not call anyone a nigger, but if I liked a song that that used the word, then I would too. In Hungary, there are throat lozenges that are named Negro. I thought it was kind of funny. One time someone asked me a question and I could not talk so I said, “Excuse me, I have a negro in my mouth.” I quickly realised that I mispronounced it so I tried to correct it, but I overcorrected it to, “I mean I am sucking on a Negro.” There was no coming back for that.


As for the album, I did not care for it. It was painful bad. 2/10.

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