#812 Stereolab – Emperor Tomato Ketchup

I remember listening to Stereolab a couple years before their fourth album Emperor Tomato Ketchup was released. I definitely missed this album. 1996 was a weird year for me. I was taking drama classes and I was on a spiritual journey. I was searching for a higher power, but not a doorknob. I was not listening to much music. I was busy with too many other things. Other than that, I really do not remember their music at all.

My first impression is that this is very French in sound, especially French music of the 60s. Très avant-pop.

My favourite song was “Metronomic Underground“. I also liked “OLV 26” and “Slow Fast Hazel”.

Overall, I would have liked this album at another time, perhaps. It is quite mellow. It is what I would call a mood album. It requires the listener to be in the mood to listen to it. Otherwise, it is a good album mixed with a healthy dose of avant-pop and Indie pop. 7/10.

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