#834 Ash – 1977

I had no idea that the Northern Irish band Ash started in 1989. My knowledge of their existence came in the 2000s. I am curious how they sounded in 1996 compared to today. I am sure they have changed a lot. 1977 is their first official album.

The album’s title 1977 is the year of the first Star Wars film, which the first song “Lose Control” and “Darkside Lightside” pays tribute to the film.

The music is upbeat with grunge, Britpop and garage rock. The vocals of Tim Wheeler are pleasant until the last two songs, which feel like tossers. He is not a strong vocalist. His real talents are lyricists and guitarist.

Overall, I really enjoyed the album, but I gave it a couple listens. I recommend it if you like teenage punk songs from Northern Ireland. 8/10.

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