#910 Radiohead – Kid A

If there is any group that I am not surprised to see again on the list it is Radiohead. Kid A is the band’s fourth studio album. At the time of its release it divided fans and critics. It was thought to be pretentious. Time has been extremely kind to the album. Those critics would never admit to hating it. I remember I liked it at the time. 2000 was the year of my journey ending. Actually, I am still on a journey, but the focus changed and continues to change.

I listened to the album a few days ago so my thoughts are not as fresh. I went on a 14er for the first time. It was hard, but I enjoyed it. I almost made it to the top, but I could not breathe. Also, I vomited a few times. I will attempt it again one day after I heal.

As for the album, I have heard it before. I still like it. It is incredible. I like post-rock, electronica and experimental rock. I recommend you listen to the whole album with an open mind. I could not pick a favourite song because they were all great. 10/10.

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