1001 Albums #62

Fred Neil’s self-titled album is not easy to find anywhere. He was never successful as a folk artist. He spent his life trying to preserve the life of dolphins. Thank God.

His music is interesting in the first song “Dolphins”, but the lyrics and his voice does not help me like the song. It sounds too country for me. It is not the worst country music with the dying cats, but it is still pretty bad.

His most famous song was sung by Harry Nilsson for the 1969 film Midnight Cowboy. Nilsson made it a hit song. Neil never had a hit.

I had a hard time getting through this album. It was especially difficult since the last couple of albums have been interesting for me and the albums coming later are looking good too. The book 1001 Albums…. claims there are not fillers. It was all bad filler to me. 4/10.

6 thoughts on “1001 Albums #62

      1. The song in the video is good, but only in the context that it fits the film Midnight Cowboy. The film is a classic in cinema. I like the lyrics because I know that feeling that everybody is talking at me and not to me.

  1. I’m happy that you attached the song itself to your blogpost, so I know which song were you refereing, as before it took me a while to found it 🙂 I hope the next one will be more closer to your style.

    1. I will try in the future to post song that it reminds me of or a song by the artist I am writing about. I have already written to March. I am trying to mix things up. 🙂 Thank you.

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