#184 John Lennon – John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band

John Lennon was the one Beatle that I hated. I could not stand his voice and his philosophy that he preached. I do not like people who think they do not believe in God so they are better than those who do and vice versa. This is the problem today. We all have different beliefs and we should accept each other as fellow humans. I do recognise that Lennon is somewhat talented as a musician and songwriter, but his album John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band might be too much for me. I think Yoko Ono is a talentless hack, but she got on the right gravy train and rode it all the way to the bank.

On the first song “Mother” Lennon displays a lack of depth with a simple song about his mother and father. He screams the end which I hate. The music is good. I can relate a bit to the lyrics about his mother. My mother did not really leave because she was never really there. I did leave her when I was old enough and never looked back. Do I regret that she is dead and I cannot know her? No. There are things I wish I could ask her, but I know she would lie. She believed that if you have a secret you die with it. She did.

I think the best song on the album is “Hold On“. Unfortunately, Lennon personalises the song too much by using his and Ono’s name, so it distracts from the message being universal. If he has made it about holding on when things are terrible without his name it would have made it more personal for the listener. This album feels like Lennon’s narcissism project.

Isolation” is a feeling many of us with PTSD or some sort of depression can relate to. They say that we should not isolate, but I usually feel it is better to be alone. I do not have people to hang out with when I am depressed so it is not an option.

Another song I can relate to is “Remember” because I know about playing the part and I have all the bad memories to dwell on. There are no good memories with my mother. My whole life has been about me playing a part for others. I have never fit in and I have to play a role to be accepted by my “friends”. Nobody has ever really wanted to know the real me. I have tried to be me, but I have been rejected every time. Now, I am a character that I created.

It is hard to connect to this album because it is all about Lennon, Ono and hate for other’s beliefs. I think the music is great, so I have added a few songs to my list on Spotify. I hate when Lennon screams and he seems to like to do it often. It is a better solo project than I expected. We just disagree on philosophies and how to respect others. 7/10.

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